The Air Injectors are small jets that pull air from the Air Blower into spa Jets. When they break or get damaged, they can cause leaks but they can be easily replaced with no technician required.

*Niagara Model

To replace an Air Injector, follow steps below:

1. Drain the tub until the water level gets below the jet that will be replaced.

2. Remove the front plate of the jet by unscrewing it.

3. Remove the insert portion of the jet that is threaded into the acrylic surface by using regular pliers. Gently rotate the insert portion counter clock wise until you feel is loose enough and using yours hands pull it straight out of the acrylic.

4. To install the replacement Injector Jet, unscrew the black insert portion from the white plastic backing and remove the front plate as done with the defective jet.

5. Proceed to screw the black insert portion into the acrylic. Making sure it is straight, use your hands to rotate clock wise until it gets tight and complete to adjust using pliers. Finally, screw the front plate in place.

To watch a video showing how to replace an Air Injector, click HERE.