This is an instructional guide on how to modify the Swift Current V2 Foam Walls to allow better access to the connection fittings. The Swift Current Panels that you may need to adjust are pictured below:

*Note: This guide involves the use of a sharp object. Please be careful and complete the steps slowly. Please do not attempt if you do not feel comfortable using a sharp tool.*

Adjusting Panel 1:

Step 1: Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the foam between the three holes in the foam panel. You will want to create an upside-down triangle shape.

Step 2: Remove the center piece of foam that you have cut out. When the Swift Current Portable Tub is assembled, the fittings on the liner should now be easier to access. 

Adjusting Panel 2:

Step 1: Increase the size of the hole in the Foam Panel. Use a mug, or a cylindrical object that is larger than the hole in the panel, to measure the size of the new hole that you will be cutting out. 

Step 2: Place the cylindrical object over the hole in the foam panel and, using the sharp knife, carefully cut the foam around the object. You will only want to cut about an inch into the foam, so as to make a guide for later. 

Step 3: Once you have cut completely around the cylindrical object, remove it from the foam's surface. Following around the circle that you have just made, carefully cut all the way through foam to enlarge the hole. Once you have gone completely around the circle, remove the piece of foam that you have cut out. 

Step 4: Carefully use the knife to clean up the hole that you have cut, smoothing the sides of the foam and cutting away any stray pieces. 

If you require any further assistance, please watch our instructional video by clicking HERE.