One of the attractive features of our Hot Tubs is the Waterfall cascading. The Waterfall can be turned ON and OFF by turning the Waterfall Control Valve located on the acrylic surface of the tub. If no water has ever flown out from the Waterfall since the Tub was delivered, then the Waterfall Adjustment Valve located underneath the acrylic surface may be accidentally closed.

Waterfall Control Valve

The Waterfall Adjustment Valve allows the water to circulate through the system so the Waterfall can be turned ON and OFF from the Waterfall Control Valve but will also allow you to adjust the desired pressure of water that will flow out from your waterfall. This Adjustment Valve is usually located behind the cabinet panel (s) directly below the Waterfall Control Valve.  

1. Using an screwdriver, remove the vertical strips that hold the cabinet panels in place and they are off, you should be able to release the panel (s). 

2. Locate the red Waterfall Adjustment Valve as shown below.

3. Activate Pump 1 by pressing the Jets 1 button on your topside. You should be able to see the water inside the Spa basin is moving on low speed.

4. With the Waterfall Control Valve turned to the ON position (close wise), slowly start turning the Adjustment Waterfall Valve (underneath the tub) until the desired pressure of water starts flowing from the actual Waterfall inside the Spa.

5. Once you have reached the desired pressure of water, leave the adjustment valve in that position.

6. Close the Waterfall Control Valve and try a few times to open it and close it to confirm that water flows normally through the Waterfall fitting with the desired pressure.

7. Proceed to replace the cabinet panel (s) previously removed.

To watch a video showing the location of the Waterfall Adjustment Valve, click HERE.