This is an instructional guide on how to "reset" your sensors by unplugging them from the circuit board.

Step 1: Turn off the power to the Spa.

Step 2: Remove cabinet panel, and covering for the control system. If you remove the cabinet panel shown in the picture below you will reveal the control system.



Note: The below images refer to a Toronto Spa for the location of the control system.

Placement varies from spa to spa, but in any case it will be located along the same side of the hot tub as the main control panel.

Step 3: Locate the heater's sensor wires and trace them to where they plug into the circuit board (pictures below).

Step 4: Disconnect the sensor wires from the circuit board.

Much like a phone jack, the sensors' connections will have minuscule tabs that push down so that the sensor connection can be removed from the circuit board.

*It can be tedious, as the connections are quite small (picture below).



Step 5: Re-place the cover of the control system loosely so nothing can touch the circuits.

Step 6: Restore the power to the spa.

With no sensors plugged in, the hot tub will show warning signs, by flashing the LED lights, and displaying a number of errors on the screen.

Step 7: Power off the spa.

Step 8: Re-connect the sensor connections to the circuit board.

Step 9: Replace the covering on the spa control system, and power up the spa once more to ensure the error messages have cleared.

Step 10: Once the spa has been powered up and running for a few minutes, there should be no more sensor balance error codes displayed.

If the Sensor Balance Error continues, please contact us at 1-(877)-347-7727 or create a Support Ticket by clicking HERE to inquire about further assistance.