If you are looking to register for a Filter Subscription, please follow these steps:

  1. Please visit the Canadian Spa Company website Spa Filters page and click on the appropriate filters for your spa. If you are unsure of which filters you should be using in your spa, please read our What Filter Do I Use for My Spa solutions page to find out. Please note that the Filter Subscription service is only eligible for the Glacier Filters, the Portable Spa Filters, and the Swim Spa Filters. 
  2. The Product Info page for your filters will have a Subscribe and Save! option, where you can choose to either continue with the One-time purchase, or Subscribe to the Filter Subscription. You will need to click the box for the Subscribe option. 
  3. Below the Subscribe option, you also have the opportunity to choose to Prepay for your subscription. This will give you a discount on each filter in your subscription for a predetermined period. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, click the Prepay for you Subscription box. 
  4. Click the Complete My Subscription button below add this purchase to your cart and continue to the Order Details page. 
  5. On the Order Details page. you will then need to enter your personal details and your payment information to complete the order.  
  6. Your first set of filters will be shipped out to you. We will automatically ship you a new set of filters as per the manufacturer recommended replacement schedule.
  7. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to replace your filters! Sit back and enjoy your sparkling clean spa!