This is an instructional guide on which filters are used for each spa.

If you have a Quebec Spa, Toronto Spa, Toronto SE Spa, Thunder Bay Spa, Kingston SE Spa, Ottawa Spa, Winnipeg Spa, Victoria Spa, Niagara Spa, Halifax Spa, or an Alberta SE Spa:

If you have a St. Lawrence 13ft Swim Spa, a St. Lawrence 16ft Swim Spa, or a St. Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa:

  • Use the 200 Sq Ft Swim Spa Filter Set - Microban (Purchase Here)

Note: The St. Lawrence 20ft Swim Spa needs 2 x 50 Sq Ft Threaded Microban Filters as well

If you have a Yukon Spa:

If you have a Montreal Spa or a Calgary Spa:

If you have a Portable Spa (Swift Current or Grand Rapids):