Every Canadian Spa Hot Tub provides an unbeatable combination of seating capacity, quality, features, and design to satisfy any household. Below are some of the main features you can find in a Canadian Spa Hot Tub.          


1. Waterfall Control Valve.  Controls de Waterfall in your Spa by allowing the user to turn it ON/OFF. Rotate the valve counter clock wise (to the left) to open the Waterfall and turn it clock wise (to the right) to close it. In order for the Waterfall to be turned ON, the circulation Pump (Pump/Jets 1) must be activated in low speed.

2. Air Control Valve. Injects air into the system increasing the pressure of the water being pumped through the jets and providing a more relaxing massage experience. Each area of jets is directly plumbed to the closest air valve which means that opening an air valve will only increase the water pressure through the closer jets to the valve and not to the entire Spa. The amount of air valves will depend on the size of your Spa. Rotate the valve counter clock wise (to the left) to open it and turn it clock wise (to the right) to close it.

3. Aromatherapy. Insert the canister with the preferred aroma scents in it and enjoy a relaxing aroma. In order to maximize the effect of the beads, make sure to close all air control valves and to half close the lid of the aromatherapy canister to increase the suction through that spot.

4. Filtration System. A Pre-Filter screen and the Filters ensure a proper Filtration System in your Spa.. The pre-Filter screen will catch small debris & particles before they get into the Filters and plumbing lines. To ensure maximum efficiency and proper filtration, Filters should be cleaned in a weekly basis and replaced every 3-4 months.

5. LED Lighting. The Spa is equipped with a Multi-Colour LED light that provides several different light settings, from solid colors to flashing effects. Depending on the model of Spa, the LED perimeter,  Headrests, Pop up Speakers, Cup Holders, Waterfall and outside LED Corner lights will also light up when activating the lights on your topside.

Press the light button to turn on and off the lights. Each consecutive press will alternate through different lighting modes and colours.

Multi-Colour LED Light

LED Headrests
Pop up LED Speakers

LED Cup-Holders

LED Waterfall

LED Corner Light

6. Audio system. Depending on the model of Hot tub, Pop Up LED speakers are conveniently located on the corners of the Hot Tub. The sound is controlled by a rounded audio topside located besides the main topside of the Spa while an audio box is built on the front panels of the tub where an external device (phone, iPod, etc.) can be plugged in to enjoy of your favorite music.

LED Pop Up 

LED Audio Topside 

Built in 
Audio Box

7. Interchangeable & Adjustable Jets. Every Spa comes with a certain amount of Jets (Directional & Massage) that can be interchanged (as long as they are the same size) and adjusted (they can be individually opened/closed) according to your needs. Their sizes range from 2..25" the smaller ones to 5" for the biggest ones. Since they are interchangeable, every seat can be conveniently customized with the type of Jets of your preference for an optimal massage session.

To watch a video showing some of the main features that can be found on a Canadian Spa Hot Tub, click HERE.