Cabinet Panels play a key role in the insulation system of a Hot Tub and infuse it with a nice and fancy look. Over the time and due to the impact of severe weather conditions (prolonged periods of snow, rain, etc.) or even during shipping & handling, some of the panels may result damaged requiring replacement.

1. To replace a cabinet panel, simply remove the vertical strips that hold the panel in place. Using an screwdriver, remove the screws on the vertical strip on each side of the panel.

2. Once both vertical strips are off, you can freely remove the cabinet panel. Please note that on certain panels like the one on the drain valve, audio slot or corner LED panel, some wiring/plumbing might need to be disconnected before you can fully move the cabinet panel away*. 

3. To install the new panel, simply screw back the vertical strips around the new panel.

To watch a video showing how to replace a Cabinet Panel, click HERE.

*For instructions on how to remove a Corner LED Cabinet Panel, click HERE