Cabinet Panels play a key role in the insulation system of a Hot Tub and infuse it with a nice and fancy look. Over the time and due to the impact of severe weather conditions (prolonged periods of snow, rain, etc.) or even during shipping & handling, some of the panels may result damaged requiring replacement.

Some models of Hot Tubs may have LED light incorporated on the corner panels. When there are damages to these cabinet panels or to the actual LED light housing, the entire corner panel will need to be replaced.

To replace a Corner LED Cabinet panel, follow the steps below.

1. Using an screwdriver, remove each cabinet panel next to the damaged corner panel. Unscrew the vertical strips that hold each panel in place in order to release them.

2. After the panels on each side of the corner panel have been removed so you have more room around it, proceed to remove the vertical strips to release the corner panel.

3. Once all screws have been removed so the panel can be slightly moved away from the tub, you will notice the LED connector wire that prevent you to freely move the cabinet panel away.  Putting your fingers close to the led light on the panel, pull the rubber connector that covers the LED light len.

4. Once the damaged panel has been moved away, plug the connector wire over the LED len on the new cabinet panel and screw back the vertical strips to put all panels back in place.

To watch a video showing ho to replace a Corner LED Cabinet Panel, click HERE