All our Spas manufactured after 2016 (120V & 240V) come with a 5.5 kW 2in x 2in Balboa BP Heater. A new Heater may be required when the Spa no longer reaches the set temperature (even if it's set under Ready Mode) or when a fault within the heater is causing the GFCI to trip. 

To replace the Balboa BP Heater, follow the steps below. Please note that the tub does not need to be drained to complete this replacement.

1. Make sure to turn the power OFF. For 240V Spas, flip the GFCI off and for Plug & Play Spas, unplug the GFCI from the power outlet.

2. Remove all front cabinet panels to ensure you can access to the Heater and plumbing connected to the Heater. Usually the main components (Pump, Heater, etc.) are located on the same side where the Topside is.

3. In order to replace the Heater without having to drain the Tub, proceed to fully close the slice valves located on each side of the Heater tube. Remove the black safety tab that holds the valve in the open position and push all the way down making sure you align the tabs with the slots to get a complete seal.

4. Once both slice valves are closed, proceed to loose the heater unions on each side of the Heater tube. No tools are required as they are hand tight. Please note that it is normal to see some water coming out as there will still be remaining water inside the lines.

5. With the heater unions off, proceed to remove the cover of the Control System by using an screwdriver. Once the cover is off, you will see the heater and wiring going to the Circuit Board.

6. To pull the Heater out, locate the main connection points between the Heater and the Circuit Board: 

-Power conection 

-Temperature sensors (2)

The Balboa BP Heater connects to the Control Pack via a 3 pin plug located on the bottom left side of the circuit board. Disconnect the Heater plug from the circuit board by pressing the release tab and pulling out the plug.

To disconnect the temperature sensors, follow the cables from the sensors in the heater tube to the board and gently pull them from the tab. If you require additional information, you can always refer to the wiring diagram located on the back of the cover of the Control System.

7. Once all 3 connection points between the Heater tube and the Control Board have been unplugged, proceed to release the top and bottom nuts that hold the Heater in place. Once released, slide the defective heater out.

8. Slide the new heater in position making sure that white gaskets on both sides of the plumbing remain in place. Align the heater with the bottom and top nuts and proceed to hand tight the heater union on each side of the Heater. Push the heater tube back and tight the top and bottom nuts.

9. Once the new Heater has been secured in place, proceed to reconnect the Power Connector and the Temperature Sensors previously unplugged and reattach the cover of the Control System .

10. Re-open the Slice Valves on each side of the Heater Tube to allow the water to flow into the new Heater. Make sure to put the black plastic clip in place to prevent the valve to accidentally close and cut the water circulation going into the system. 

11. Before turning the power to the Tub ON, loose the union on the right side of the heater tube to release any possible air trapped inside the lines. Once you see an small amount of water coming out, hand tight the union again. 

12. Put the Cabinet Panels back in place and restore the power to the Spa.

To watch a video showing a Heater replacement,  click HERE.