Our Spas include an Audio Box where the user can place an electronic device to play music or where you can find the Bluetooth Adapter if your Spa has been equipped with that optional feature. 

In the event that the box is damaged or defective, it can be easily replaced by following the steps below.

1. Remove the cabinet panel where the audio box is installed on. Usually, it is located on the front side of the tub if standing in front of the topside. To release the panel, remove the vertical strips on both sides.

2. Once the panel has been removed from the Spa, turn it so you are facing the back side of the panel. Using you hands unscrew the housing for the light and using an screwdriver remove the 4 screws and white tabs that keep the audio box attached to the cabinet panel. Then you will be able to remove the audio box from the panel.

1. Turn the panel on it's back.

2. Remove the light housing.
3. Remove 4 screws & tabs
4. Take the audio box out of the cabinet panel.

3. Insert the new Audio Box making sure to align the tabs on the new box with the existing holes on the panel. Gently push until you feel the box has completely entered into the designed spot. If the version of audio box you are installing is different from the one that is being replaced, you may need to drill new holes on the panel.

4. Turn the panel upside down to proceed to secure the new box in place by screwing the 4 screws and tabs previously removed to release the old box. 

5. Once the new box is secured to the cabinet panel, turn the panel up and using a hand insert the light housing from underneath the new box while with your other hand you screw it to the back of the cabinet panel.

6. You can now slide any required cables through the left corner opening inside the new box.

7. Installation has been completed. 

To watch a video of the installation, please click HERE.