A Drain Valve allows the user to drain the Spa when required (usually every 3 months). With the use of the tub or during shipping, the valve may become loose causing leaks which can be easily resolved by retighting the valve in place (For additional details refer to: Drain Valve - Leak and Maintenance). However, there are some cases where the actual valve becomes defective and needs to be replaced. 

 In order to replace the drain valve on your Hot Tub, please follow the steps below.

1. Turn the power OFF. For Plug & Play Spas, unplug the GFCI from the power outlet and for 240V Spas, flip your GFCI OFF.

2. To access to the drain valve, you would need to remove 2 cabinet panels: the panel where the drain valve is installed and the panel which is 90 degrees from the actual drain valve (usually the one beside the Pump). 

Since the Drain Valve is threaded into the cabinet panel, you won't be able to fully remove this panel in first place so only proceed to remove the vertical strips that hold the panel in place. Then, proceed to fully remove the panel beside the Pump so you can have access to the plumbing involved with this replacement. 

3. Once the front cabinet panel has been removed and you are facing the Pump, locate and close the red shut off valve. This will allow you to remove and replace the drain valve without having to drain your Spa. The shut off valve is usually found behind the Pump and when open it will be paralel with the plumbing, so to close it you would need to rotate it to make it perpendicular.

4. After the shut off valve has been closed, proceed to disconnect the drain valve that is threaded on the side cabinet panel. Using one hand, hold the plumbing line inside the Tub and using your other hand, proceed to unscrew the drain valve attached to the cabinet panel.

5. Now that you have disconnected the defective drain valve from the plumbing, the cabinet panel can be fully removed.

6. Turn the cabinet panel so you face the back of the drain valve and using your hands unscrew the collar that keeps the valve attached to the cabinet panel. Once you have removed the collar, remove the defective drain valve from the cabinet panel.

7. To install the replacement valve, remove the collar and insert the body of the new valve into the hole screwing the collar on the other side of the cabinet panel to secure the valve in place. If the new valve comes with a union at the end, you can remove it as you would already have an existing union installed on the plumbing.

8. Once the new drain valve has been secured to the cabinet panel, proceed to put the panel back in place and re-attach the plumbing that connects to the new drain valve. Make sure to align the drain valve with the plumbing so the connection is completely tight. 

9. Once the new drain valve has been connected into the plumbing, you can re-open the shut off valve to allow the water to properly flow. Secure both cabinets panels in place by reinstalling the vertical strips and you can start using the new drain valve.

To watch a video showing the replacement of the Drain Valve, please click HERE.

*A replacement Drain Valve is available for online purchase in Canada, USUK.