If you are a first time owner of a Hot Tub, you might be asking yourself why the pump is running by itself at different times during the day. 

Even if you don't manually activate the pump by pressing the Jets button on your Topside, your Spa will run the low speed of the pump for 2 reasons: Filtration & Heating.

1. Filtration Cycles.

In order to mantain the Spa water clean, your Spa will run 2 filtration cycles. The duration of the Filtration Cycle comes preset for 2 hours which means the low speed of the pump will be running for 2 hours during the first filtration cycle and 12 hours later, a second filtration cycle will be running for other 2 additional hours. 

However, when exploring the different features available in your Spa, it may be easy to accidentally change these preset settings. If you notice your Spa is running the low speed of the pump for an extended period of time (longer than 2 hours) and the sign FLTR 1 or FLTR 12 remains behind the temperature reading as shown below, this might be the case. Running the pump for an extended period of time may cause the pump to overheat which can result in damages to the pump itself and all Spa functions being disabled.

In order to prevent this to happen, please ensure the filtration cycles are set for 2:00 hours.  For detailed instructions on how to access to these settings through your topside, please click here.

2. Heating.

There are 2 Heating Modes available in your Spa: Ready & Rest Modes.

Under Ready Mode, the Spa will automatically run the low speed of the pump every 30 minutes to check the current water's temperature and start heating if required until the set temperature has been reached. This mode is highly recommened specially during winter time to avoid any freezing than can result in damages to the Spa.

However under Rest Mode, the Spa will only heat during the Filtration cycles. If they are set for 2 hours, then the pump will only run during that period of time unless you manually activate the jets.

For additional details regarding the Heating Modes, please click here.

3. Manually activating the Pump (s).

If you wish to enjoy a massage, you can always manually activate the pump (s) as follow:

  • Pressing the Jets button once: the pump will run on low speed.
  • Pressing the Jets button a second time: the pump will run on high speed.
  • Pressing the Jets button a third time: the pump will shut off.
  • For Spas with 2 Pumps, pressing the Jets 2 button will run Pump 2 on high speed. Please note that you can have both pumps running at the same time for extra pressure. 

If you run the low speed of the pump, it will remain ON for about 30 minutes while the high speed will be running for 15 minutes unless you manually shut it off. Please note that under extremely high ambient temperatures, the pump may overheat after 2 consecutive cycles. If this happens, the pump might not be turning ON and you should allow the Spa to cool down for at least 1 hour before trying to reactive the jets function.