If you own a V1 Portable Spa and have upgraded your Portable Control Unit to the Version 2, you will need to install a Conversion Kit* that includes 3 black and 3 grey adapters.

Each black and grey adapter can be screwed in each other before you proceed to install them on each port of your Spa. 

For each of the grey adapters, please make sure there is a clear gasket present on the inside (where it meets the black adapter) as well as a black O-Ring on the outside (where it inserts into the V2 connector). 

Once the Conversion Kit has been installed, screw the corresponding connector hose and aromatherapy canister to each port as shown below.

Finally, attach the V2 PCU to the connector hoses making sure all connections, especially the intake and discharge ports, are properly tightened and as straight as possible to prevent circulation issues.

To watch a tutorial video showing the Conversion Kit installation, please click here.

*Conversion Kit is available for purchase in Canada & US.