If you run into the unlucky issue of a leaking Acrylic hot tub, there are a few things to consider:

- What is the rate of water loss

Is the water gushing out like a hose? - Please call us immediately at 1-877-347-7727.

Is it a slow drip that took a while to notice? - Please call or submit a service ticket with your name, address, a contact number, and photos of the leak site.

- Where did you first notice an indication of the leak

If you can get photos of the site where you first noticed water loss, it will give us important information about what may be causing the leak.

- Can you investigate further? Even once we know a spa is leaking, we may not know the parts needed to fix the leak in a given situation without your help. 

Removing cabinet panels to try to pinpoint and photograph the leak site, is the best way to get us the information we need to dispatch parts and a technician (if needed) to resolve the issue.