This is an instructional guide showing how to assemble/disassemble the floating weir skimmer basket in certain spas (such as the Yukon 2 person).

IMPORTANT: Power off the spa before removing the filter/filter basket to prevent any debris from passing through the system.

Removing the skimmer basket and filter can be done with or without water in the spa.

Tip: When lifting the filter from the water, have a net or sieve on hand to catch any residual dirt which may escape.

1. To remove the basket (see entire assembly below), turn counter-clockwise until the flat edge of the basket aligns with the flat edge of the filter housing then lift basket out.

If you need to replace the filter, simply remove the old one and replace with the new at this point.


2. Twist the top floating weir portion to remove it from the basket portion. 

Once removed, you can clean out any excess debris that has been captured in the basket.


Above: Extended floating weir portion of the skimmer basket resembling a three-tiered cake.

3. If you have taken all the pieces apart, they will need to be put back together in the correct order (tallest tier to shortest).


4. After reassembling in the correct order, reattach the floating weir portion to the basket portion by lining up the notches and twisting clockwise until it clicks.


5. Reinsert into the filter housing and turn clockwise to lock the skimmer basket into place.

To watch a tutorial video showing the assembly step by step, click HERE.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.