This is an instructional guide showing how to readjust the Waterfall Control Valve assembly if the fitting in the acrylic has fallen down into the hole.

If the threaded fitting on the acrylic is pushed down so the threads cannot be accessed, this will prevent the Waterfall Control Valve from screwing on and operating correctly.

This can occur if the C-clip attached to the assembly underneath the acrylic is missing or loose.

"C" shaped clip shown above.

1. Remove the cabinet panel directly below the Waterfall Control Valve.

2. Push the 3-port valve assembly up from the bottom and twist slightly to lock it in place.

3. Snap the C-clip into place to secure the fitting. If the white plastic nut underneath the acrylic has become loose (some spas may have a black plastic nut), simply screw this tighter to fasten the assembly to the acrylic.


4. Ensure that the orange o-ring is properly seated in the ridge (as seen above) when ready to screw in the valve.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.