This is an instructional guide detailing how to properly clean and store your Portable Spa's Portable Control Unit/PCU (applies to Grand Rapids, Rio Grande, Swift Current, and Muskoka). 

When your Portable Control Unit will not be in use for a prolonged period of time, we recommend performing the procedure below and storing it away to prevent damage to the internal components.

This will typically be when you are going away and do not wish to leave the spa active or storing it away for a season.*

NOTE: We recommend performing steps 1 through 3 more frequently (before each water change or at least once a month) to ensure optimal PCU performance and protection from buildup.

Please ensure that you have the following on hand before you begin:

1. Add Stain & Scale Control

While the PCU is connected to the tub, add at least 20 mL of Stain & Scale Control (20 mL per 1000L) to the spa water and allow to circulate.

To ensure that the solution is properly dissolved, you can press the Jets button to run the blower for 1 full cycle (let the bubbles run until they turn off).

Keep the filter cartridge inside the unit when performing this procedure to prevent any large particles from passing through and damaging the impeller.

Ideally you would allow the unit filter for at least 24 hours. After this time, apply the threaded caps to the ports inside the tub and disconnect the PCU.**

2. Back flush the PCU

Unplug the GFCI/RCD and remove the filter then run water from a garden hose into the Heater Discharge Port (top port on PCU marked by "Heat" symbol).
After flushing for approximately 30 seconds, turn the pump upside down to drain the remaining water.

Repeat the process above while running the hose through the Intake Port (bottom left port on PCU marked by "Filter" symbol).
Check the Filter Bowl and Impeller at the bottom for any trapped debris, repeat back flush if necessary.

3. Drain the PCU

Attach the Inflation Hose to the Blower Port, insert the end into the Discharge Port, and run the blower by pressing the Jets/bubble button.

Just like the back flush, run the blower for approximately 30 seconds and repeat the process with the Intake Port.

To ensure that all water has been drained, remove the Filter Housing Lid and turn the unit upside down (filter housing facing down), then forward (ports facing down).

If you still hear water moving within the PCU, continue to tilt the unit and give it a slight shake until there is no water left.

4. Store away the PCU

Once completely drained, store the Portable Control Unit indoors in a warm, dry location. Do not leave the PCU outside when not in use during the winter.

If you have recently inserted a new filter, simply rinse and let dry then store away for future use. Do not store away with the filter still inside.

If the filter is dirty or has been in use for more than 4 weeks, we recommend throwing it away.

For optimal PCU performance, we recommend replacing with a brand new filter every 2-4 weeks.

*If you are going on vacation and wish to leave the spa on, we recommend having someone check on the spa while you are away.

This is to ensure that the spa continues to heat and filter as normal. Any disruption to the power supply (power outage or surge, etc.) would prevent the unit from performing these normal functions.

**For more information on how to clean and store away the tub itself, please see our solution "Cleaning & Storing a Portable Spa Bladder/Liner".