If you have a Deluxe eco black spa (JL017290NG) or silver (JL017294NG) with the control unit attached and you are not getting any flow or heat. Majority of the time it's due to the reasons below;

  • The external filtration & heater pipes are kinked.
  • You must only have 1 filter that is screwed onto the inlet/filtration cap inside the spa, which is positioned on the bottom left within the pool. Please note that if you have both attached on the inside will restrict the release of the water and force it back towards within the control unit or none at all means that the major components within the spa will get blocked and not function. 
  • Either your inner main spa bladder pipe for filtration and heating are crushed or it could be both, this has restricted or stopped the flow. This causes the control unit to run dry, become noisy, to not do it's job of maintaining water quality, reaching the desired set temperature will be difficult to reach because of this and possibly damage the control unit. Make sure you have it on completely level & flat ground.

Any future questions or issues let us know.