The Aromatherapy Spa Scent will offer a light, soothing scent for approximately 30 days after opening the package.*

Please follow these steps to ensure that your Aromatherapy system is fully functional:

1. Remove the Aromatherapy cap

Aromatherapy Cap

2. Open the white cartridge lid, pour the beads inside and close the cartridge

3. Place the filled cartridge inside the Aromatherapy canister on your spa

4. Ensure that all Air Control Valves (amount of valves depends on the type of spa) are turned off completely

Turn the valves all the way in the clockwise direction (right = tight).

Please note that you will need to turn the Large Water Diverter Valve to the middle position so both sides of the tub are in operation (make sure that the jets are open).

  Air Control Valve

Water Diverter Valve

5. Run the jets on high speed

6. Lightly place (do not twist) the Aromatherapy cap onto the canister

You should be able to hear the air being drawn in and see more air coming out of the jets when the cap is loose. 

If the cap is on too tight, it will block air from passing through the cartridge and into the spa and you won't see as many bubbles (reducing the scent).

7. Enjoy a relaxing soak!

Please visit our website here to view the various scents available! 

*In order to ensure maximum potency, it is best to use a fresh pack of beads. It is possible for the beads to lose their potency if opened around 30 days prior.