The audio system on our hot tubs involves different components that may include an Audio Topside, a Power Transformer, an Amplifier, an auxiliary cord, etc. When the audio system is powered ON, the audio topside should illuminate all around. If this does not occur, there is not power to the audio system in which case every component of the audio system may need to be checked and/replaced as needed.

NOTE: Turn the Spa power OFF before doing any troubleshooting

1. Audio Topside

In some cases, a wired connection could be loose from shipping and handling, and simply need to be secured. Opening the spa's Cabinet Panels directly underneath the Audio Control will give you access to its power cable connection. Ensure the connection is firm, and that the threaded collar is in place holding the two ends of the connection together.

2. Additional checks

a. If the connections on the audio topside seems to be fine, then make sure the AV wire is properly connected into the right spot on the board. To check this, simply open the Balboa BP Pack and find the AV wire that leads to the Transformer located on the side of the Control System (refer to the wiring diagram printed on the back of the lid).

b. Ensure that the connection between the Transformer and the Amplifier is tight and secured.

3. Replacing a Transformer.

If none of the previous checks helped to restore the power to the audio, then you would need to replace the Transformer that supplies power to the Amplifier and to the audio topside. To do so, remove the screws that hold the AV cable to the control system. Next, unplug the AV cord from the board by pulling it from the tabs and then remove the screws that hold the Transformer to the tub. Once the Transformer has been released, disconnect it from the Amplifier. 

To install the replacement, just follow the same steps backwards.

Once you have installed a new Transformer, restore the power to the tub and check if there is already power to the audio system by pressing the power button on the audio topside. You should see that the audio topside will illuminate around.



To watch a video showing these trouble shootings for the audio system, click HERE.