This is an instructional guide detailing the steps to determine if the Balboa VS Heater is the cause of a tripping GFCI.

A fault within the Heater may result in the tripping of the main GFCI. If the GFCI trips within seconds after the power is turned on, it is most likely a Heater fault. 

IMPORTANT: Extreme caution must be exercised as this process requires the spa to be powered on and off during testing. Please be sure to turn OFF the power to the spa before opening the pack or touching any components on the circuit board.

240V Spas: Shut the power off at the GFCI Breaker Panel and check the Topside Control Panel to confirm it is off.

120V Plug & Play Spas: Press the Test button and unplug the GFCI from the outlet.

As an extra precaution, you can check for voltage at the Supply Terminals where the Power Supply Lines connect to the Control Pack to confirm that there is no power going to the spa. Be sure to test between White and Black, White and Red, Black and Red, Ground and each colour. All should be 0 volts.

An easy procedure to determine if the Heater is the cause is to disconnect it from the circuit board and see if the GFCI continues to trip after restoring power.

The Balboa VS Heater connects to the Control Pack via two copper Terminal Straps bolted to the heater and circuit board. 

A) Use a #6 (1/4") Open End Wrench to hold the bottom nut and a #10 (3/8") Wrench to turn the top nut. 

Be very careful not to turn the bottom nut or stud as this may cause damage to the Heater. Do this for both Terminals.

B) Lift the copper Terminal Straps off the Heater stud approximately 1cm (1/2").

Once you have disconnected the Heater, turn the power back on and monitor the spa as the system starts up. 

If the GFCI no longer trips when power is restored and you are able to operate all functions (except heating, of course), this would be a strong indication of a Heater Fault and the Heater should be replaced.

NOTE: Let the system stay running in order to filter the water and keep it circulating until a new Heater is installed (keep the spa in Standard mode to prevent freezing in the winter time).

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.