This is an instructional guide showing how to operate your Acrylic Spa Drain Valve Assembly.

The Drain Port Cap threads into the front of your drain assembly. The cap will need to be removed in order to install the drain valve hose adapter for emptying.

NOTE: The cap is only meant to prevent debris from entering into the drain assembly, it is not intended to hold back the flow of water.

The Hose Adapter is used to allow the connection of a standard garden hose. 

Thread the larger end of the Hose Adapter into the Drain Control Valve and connect the opposite end to your garden hose.

The Drain Control Valve is then used to control the flow of water when draining the tub.

To allow flow: Push valve IN and turn counter-clockwise (to the left) approximately 1/4 turn to lock in the open position.

To stop flow: Rotate the valve clockwise (to the right) approximately 1/4 turn and it should pop back OUT into the closed position.

NOTE: The Drain Assembly will be under pressure when the pump is active. The Drain Control Valve is designed to work under pressure whereas the Drain Port Cap is not

For this reason, the Drain Control Valve should be in the "Out" position when the drain is not in use. 

For additional assistance in understanding how to open/close the drain assembly, please see our quick video tutorial by clicking here.