This instructional guide will aid in the planning/installation of the Electrical Power Supply for our Acrylic Spas.


All of our acrylic tubs have removable cabinet panels which cover the entire perimeter of the tub. 

When running the electrical through the spa, the access point into the cabinet does not need to be placed right at the Control Pack location. Our spas do not come equipped with a pre-drilled hole for electrical so access can be through any of the cabinet panels.*

*NOTE: We do not advise installing the electrical through a cabinet panel that is located in front a Pump, Control Pack, Blower, or Gate Valve. These panels will likely need to be removed at some point for maintenance or servicing.

Choosing a Location

When choosing where to enter the cabinet, do so based on the following:

  • safety (do not create tripping hazards)
  • aesthetics
  • access points for users to enter the tub
  • step positioning
  • cover opening position (bottom mount lifters will have the cover rest low beside the cabinet)
  • cover lifter mounts

Creating an Access Point

Since there are no pre-drilled holes, access through the panel is done using a Hole Saw for a clean cut, a Spade Bit is not recommended. The ideal location to place a hole for the power cord, would be 3 to 5 inches up from the bottom of the cabinet panel, and 4 to 6 inches in from the outside edge of the cabinet panel. Please note that the cabinet panels have wood framework and insulating foam inserts. Try to avoid drilling through the wood frame as this will weaken the structural support the wood provides. 

We do not recommend coming up through the base of the spa. If this is the most ideal route then we suggest you take into consideration that you will not be able to slide the tub in any way.

This may pose a problem if a service technician is required to access a side of the tub that is against an obstruction such as a wall or deck.  

The Control Pack (where the electrical will be connected) will be located behind one of the cabinet panels directly below your Topside Control Panel (exact location will vary depending on spa model).

There is enough space within the cabinet to run the power cord from the access point to the Control Pack as we do not completely fill the cavity with spray foam. The power cord will need to enter the Control Pack from the left hand side.

For more information about connecting the electrical to your circuit breaker, please click on our solution "Electrical Installation - Correct Wiring for a 240V Supply".

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.