Deformed foam walls can occur when the liner has not been installed correctly from initial setup (not completely straight over the foam), or when the surface where the spa has been placed is not level.

If the liner has not been installed correctly, the water will put pressure on it and will pull the liner down into the spa over time.

In the case of a surface that is not level, you would only notice this on one side of the tub (the direction in which the water leans).

This constant weight will cause the foam to change shape and will result in uneven or rounded foam walls.

NOTE: In order to remain under warranty, the spa must be installed as per the instructions listed in the manual.

Grass or any other uneven material is not considered a level surface and can lead to further issues which would not be covered under warranty. 

Please relocate the spa to a solid, flat and level surface (concrete pad or level patio tiles are recommended). The surface should be inspected with a Construction Level to confirm.

If you ever notice the liner pulling down, you will have to readjust the liner to correct the issue or it will cause the foam to change shape.

Please drain the spa and realign the liner, ensuring that the edges of the foam walls line up with the stitching (see "Good" photo below).

With each water change, we recommend actively pulling the liner up all the way around the tub rather than simply placing the hose into the tub and letting it fill.

This will help ensure that the liner remains in place since the weight of the water once the tub has already filled will prevent you from adjusting it afterward.


A complete set of replacement foam panels for the Swift Current Portable Spa (8 pieces) is available for purchase in Canada.

Select panels are available for purchase in the UK.

If you require any further assistance, please contact Customer Service.