The following messages will appear on your spa topside:

  • TEST GFCI: Test your RCD breaker and if it's connected to an inline RCD Simply press test, if the spa turns off the RCD is working as it should.
  • CLN FLTR: Rinse rinse your filter once a week with a hose.
  • CHNG FLTR: Change the filter/s. Change every several months.
  • CHECK CHEM: Just a friendly reminder to check your water chemistry, use your test strips to adjust your balances accordingly Alk - PH & Chlor must be accurate for chemicals to be accurate on the test strip. 
  • CLN COVR: Clean your cover with soap and water, nothing strong as it may unbalance your spa water. Scrub both the underside and top, this will help clean the cover and remove dirt, chemicals, etc. 
  • CHECK PH: Regularly check your PH level, as acidic water gradually damages components built within the spa. 

To remove the messages, simply press temp up or down.