To all our hot tub enthusiasts!

This is the perfect moment for you to check the condition of your cover, as it will be long-term beneficial to your spa water quality and running costs. 

Please read through the below for guidance and some advice.

Signs to look for that your spa cover needs replacing
  • It has slowly become heavier than its initial weight and is hard to lift off. Any indications of this will mean the cover has been saturated with water and that heat retention has been lost. Some start off weighing several KG and can get as heavy as 50-60kg!
  • Signs of the vinyl cover failing such as discoloration, tearing, seam splitting, and zip unraveling. 
  • The foam has indentations, cuts, or worse off cracking. 
  • Dirt, Mold, grease, moss, tree sap, and mildew have built up for a long time, and will be hard to remove from cover.
Spa cover with chemical damage and zip unraveling.
Why Buy Canadian Spa Company Covers?
  • 5" to 3" thick tapered polystyrene core cover design that allows for moisture and rainwater to stop pooling, with its drainage grommets to help keep the cover lightweight with the very best energy efficiency possible. Built for harsh Canadian winters.
  • 4" corner radius. Unsure of the size of yours? Just ask. 
  • Double stitched 92lb bonded polyester thread cover with UV protection.
  • 5" skirt for protection against the weather elements such as wind and that little bit of extra protection to prevent UV damage to your tub acrylic outer lip.
  • Reinforced cover lifter support, where the lifter holds the spa cover to reduce wear and tear.
  • 6 sturdy handles, for each side you can get a grip of to take the cover on and off easily.
  • Full-length steam seal inside the fold.
  • Commercial heavy-duty quality zipper and aluminum pull tabs are tough and durable to ensure the integrity of the inner core, this prevents weathering and rusting.
  • Durable reinforced aluminum hinge down the centre of the cover, to provide extra strength and stability when opening and closing.
  • 8 Locking straps for preventing unauthorized persons and small children from using the hot tub, this also fastens the cover down during windy conditions. Includes keys. & screws
  • 6 mil vapour barrier helps protect against water absorption, which is far superior to the industry standard 3 mil barrier
To Buy Our Covers

  • Choose the larger size cover if your existing measurements fall between two sizes. An overhang will be effective, but if the cover is too small, it won't sit correctly and may allow heat to escape.
  • Contact your original spa brand to inquire about the specific model you own and its sizing. Once you provide us with the details, we can proceed with fulfilling your cover order.
Help To Measure Your Cover
Canadian Spa Company cover lifters.
That little bit of extra protection against damage to the cover, whilst making taking the cover on & off even easier.
Allow for 50cm space behind your spa for the operation of the mechanism

(Top mount shown in picture)
To Our Cover Lifters
Fitting video of top mount cover lifter

Pricing on covers start from £299

Article published by Ali Green