This is an instructional guide detailing the steps required for measuring the Hot Tub for a replacement cover. Please work in INCHES when measuring and placing orders

If the old cover still fits well you can take the measurements from it though we highly recommend you measure both the Hot Tub and the old Cover. Compare measurements, the Cover measurements should be slightly LARGER than the Hot Tub measurements as the Cover needs to fit over the outer edge of the Hot Tub. A good fitting Cover will be 1/2" larger all around therefore the Cover Measurements will be 1" greater than the Hot Tub measurements. IF THE COVER IS NOT LARGER THEN THE HOT TUB IT WILL NOT FIT.

Our Acrylic Shell Tubs have a rounded top edge therefore you must be sure to measure at the widest outside point of the Acrylic Shell.

The Radius is the next crucial measurement. If you order a cover with a radius greater than required the Cover will not fit. A Cover with a 12" radius will not cover the corner of a Hot Tub with a 6" radius but a Cover with a 6" radius WILL cover the corner of a Hot Tub with a 12" radius.

An easy and accurate method for determining the radius of the corners is as shown here. Use a large Carpenter's Square or Ruler and place on the corner against the straight tub edge. The radius is where the corner ends and the straight side starts, in the example the radius is 6".