Acrylic hurricane Audio Troubleshooting?

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A phones Bluetooth must be on first looking out for the spa KL-YP04 to pop up and connect to.

When the audio for the spa is on, a blue light will illuminate under the audio circular topside control pad on the top of the acrylic.

Always make sure your phone volume is turned up and also on the audio topside volume to listen out from the spa, it will sound "connected" from the speakers. No volume up at all from your phone control side and it won't come through.

If there is blue light power to the audio topside but no sound, it could be the dongle so check for debris and then reconnect

To check if your audio device is receiving power, remove the dongle use a phone charger, and plug the USB phone charger cable into the Bluetooth charger spa side.

Connect the cable and look for charging on your phone, as this will determine if there is a power issue from the spa or if the dongle is at fault.

For the Aux input: To test remove the silver dongle shown below turn up the volume and listen out from the speakers for distortion when handling the aux jack input with your hands.

If still no power, further troubleshooting will be required needed.
Audio topside
Hurricane audio housing