The spa will need a full 13amp weatherproof socket for the 6-metre-long cable to plug into.

Below are the steps when setting it up;

  1. Make sure it will be on a flat and level surface.
  2. Clear the area for the spa 190cm + 50cm for the PCU unit which includes the pipes.
  3. Inflate the lid first until it's in its shape.
  4. Next up inflate the main bladder until it's to the shape with a little bit of give, the hot water will cause the bladder to get to its true size, and will take 1-2 weeks for this expansion. 
  5. Keep the inlet and outlet caps (KK-10163) fitted on the inside.
  6. Make sure there is a filter inside the filter housing of the PCU.
  7. Fill the spa up with hose-temperature water only to just above the orange wavey lines on the inside.
  8. Connect your pipes for the heat, filtration, and jets, and make sure that they are straight with no kinks.
  9. Remove the caps (KK-10163), let the water flood the PCU system, and then with the star valve on the filter housing lid, turn anticlockwise and purge for 10-20 seconds until all the air escapes and all that is left is just water escaping, then tighten up.
  10. Set your spa water temperature and then press heat.
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Article published by Ali Green