Is your sauna tripping?

Some checks are required for this troubleshooting, as it could simply be an easy fix.

Is it the sauna that trips when in use or on standby mode?
Does it trip in seconds? Minutes? Hours?
Has the whole electrical circuit tripped?

We will need to know these details when a support ticket is raised.
In most cases, the sauna itself will trip or the circuit breaker/consumer unit itself. 

This is typically down to the socket being underpowered or that multiple devices are running off that circuit/consumer unit at the same time, 13 amps are needed for the saunas alone. On occasion, there could be a loose connection which you may need to check.

The wiring in your home/property has several outlets that are all connected to the same circuit. When you have 2 devices on that spur or socket that are both drawing for example 10amps, your total source of the power of 13amps will be split between them. 

When they are on and run at the same time and trip, this is due to an underpowered circuit 
Before setting up the sauna it is best to see which circuit runs off for which devices and sockets. That can then mean the sauna can be plugged into a socket and circuit that can handle the power of it running when in heat mode.
To eliminate each heater cable you will need to turn off the sauna from the socket. Let the heat run without the kettle plugs plugged in and see if it trips for the period it did prior. 

When it has not tripped during this period slowly plug each kettle plug from the heaters into the control pack one by one for the duration period of the tripping like prior, this will eliminate which one has caused it to trip. 

Make sure you turn it off from the socket each time between each test of the kettle plugs, Mark the plug with some tape that is causing the issue.

The most powerful are in this order. The cables lead up from that position from below and connect to the control box. 
  1. Back
  2. Sides
  3. Under your legs
  4. Floor (Jaspers exempt)

X3 heater cables will come up from the sides on the top from 3 of the 4 entries below;

Remove the paneling from each heater panel with a Phillips screwdriver. 

White and black neutral and live cables
Make sure the live and neutral cables are secure inside the ceramic heater connections. They could have been pulled out when putting the sauna together. 
It could be that the strands from the cables going into the ceramic white heater connections are not fully inserted. Behind a heater panel, a gate will be in position allowing the heater panel to be fastened in position with its frame. 

Put the sauna back together, and test once again whether everything is working fine or if it still trips.