Step 1:

Remove the center and right cabinet panel on the Control side of your Spa.   

Step 2:

Locate the amp power connector.

Step 3:

Unplug amp from transformer.

Step 4:

Connect DC/DC Connector to amp and transformer.

Step 5:

Remove audio cable from panel.

Step 6:

Fit USB wire of DC/DC Connector through hole in audio panel. *Note: you may need to enlarge this hole depending on which Spa model you own.

Step 7:

Fit audio auxiliary end of Audio Stabilizer through hole in audio panel.

Step 8:

Connect Audio Stabilizer to audio cable.

Step 9:

Re-attach Spa's cabinet panels.

Step 10:

Plug Bluetooth Module into USB.

Step 11:

Plug Audio Stabilizer into Bluetooth Module.

Step 12:

Connect device to Bluetooth (connect to H163) and enjoy your favorite music! You can still use the auxiliary cable to connect to your device when Bluetooth is not in use.

TIP: When Bluetooth is not in use, you can disconnect Bluetooth module from USB port and use USB port to charge your phone.