In most cases, your Sauna may trip the breaker because you have multiple devices plugged into the same circuit and collectively they are drawing too much power. Electrical circuits are designed to provide a specific amount of power. A regular household circuit in North America will provide 15 Amps of power. Each device that you use will draw a specific amount of power from that circuit. If you draw more power than the circuit can safely handle, you will overload the circuit and the breaker will trip. 

It is important to note that multiple outlets in your home may be connected to one circuit. For example, the wiring in your home could be run so that 3 outlets in your living room are all connected to the same circuit. This means that you could have devices plugged into 2 of the outlets drawing a total of 10 Amps of power and when you plug your Sauna into the remaining outlet, that draws 15 Amps of power, you will over load the circuit and the breaker will trip. 


Before setting up your Sauna, it is best to map which circuits power which outlets in your home. That way you will know how many devices can be plugged into each circuit and which circuit will be able to handle the power that your Sauna draws. If your Sauna is tripping the breaker, disconnect all devices that are on the same circuit as the Sauna and then plug the Sauna back in to test. If you have a circuit that is already free of devices, you can test the Sauna on this circuit. You can test to see which outlets are on each circuit by manually turning off the breakers in your home's breaker box one-by-one and marking down which appliances or devices shut off when the breaker is off. This can give you a basic map of which outlets are connected to each circuit. 

If you plug the Sauna into an open circuit and it still trips the breaker, then there may be an issue with the way that you have set up the Sauna. Please confirm that your connections on top of the Sauna are correct. 

If the Sauna is connected correctly, then there is most likely a fault with the Control Box. Please reach out to Customer Service for information on replacing your Control Box. You can contact a Customer Care Agent by calling our Service Department at 1(877)-347-7727 or emailing us at