This is an instructional guide to installing the secondary intake on your V2 Swift Current Portable Spa. Follow the steps below:

  1. When connecting the L-Connector to the Secondary Intake Hose, you will want to begin by lining up both parts. 
  2. You will then need to push the end of the L-Connector into the Secondary Intake Hose. You can do this by applying pressure evenly to both parts and rotating them slightly as you push them together. When the L-Connector is properly inside the Secondary Intake Hose, it should snap together and you will hear a popping sound. 
  3. Next, you will want to screw the end of the Secondary Intake Hose over the threading of the L-Connector, which will pull the Secondary Intake Hose over the fitting and create a snug seal. 
  4. You will then have to connect the L-Connector to the liner of your Swift Current. Here, you will want to push the L-Connector through its designated hole in the Foam Insulation Panel and line it up with the corresponding Connection Port. You will need to apply some pressure to both the liner and the L-Connector before you screw them together. 
  5. Next, you will then connect the other end of the Secondary Intake Hose to the T-Connector. You can attach these parts using the same method used for the L-Connector. Apply pressure to both parts, fitting the T-Connector inside the Secondary Intake Hose until they snap together. Screw the end of the Secondary Intake Hose over the T-Connector thread until you create a snug seal.
  6. Push the Secondary Intake Hose into the designate grove in the Foam Panels. The Hose should be almost flush with the Foam Panels. 
  7. Lastly, feed the T-Connector through its designated hole in the Foam Panel and connect it to its corresponding Port on the liner. 

If you need more assistance, please refer to our instructional video by clicking HERE.