This is an instructional guide showing you how to replace your Sauna Control Panel

1. Start by removing the 4 screws holding the control panel in place.

(Jasper Model Sauna shown)


2. Gently pull the control panel off the wall and you will notice a white,
flat ribbon cable connected to the back. Pull it out gently by the tab to remove. 

Do not pull out by the wires. 

3. Once you remove the flat white ribbon connector, you will need to lift the 

roof slightly in order to pull the wire through the opening and out of the sauna

 to replace with a new control panel. 

4. Reconnect the other end of the flat cable to the back of the control panel.

Reconnect the opposite end outside of the sauna back into the control box on top.

Make sure to use the flat connector at the very end 

of the cable and not the secondary one shown at the 

bottom of the photo below.


5. Once you have reconnected the control panel, simply place it back into the slot, tucking 

the excess ribbon cable behind it. Then take the 4 screws to secure the panel

 back in place. Installation is now complete.

6. To watch a video showing a Sauna Control Panel 

replacement step by step, click HERE.

For additional assistance, log a support ticket HERE or call us directly at 1-877-347-7727 - select service and you will be connected to a customer care agent who will be happy to assist!