The temperature of the sauna will not reach the set temperature, although the heater panels may still feel warm/hot, so the temperature probe may be defective or may be need to be replaced.

Please follow the below steps to properly remove and install a temperature probe:

NOTE: The below installation instruction photos are specifically for the Chilliwack Sauna. Electrical wiring may vary for other sauna types. 

1. Disconnect the RT probe from the electrical box (circled in red).

2. Follow the red wire

3. Continue following the red wire.

*If needed, you can remove the white clips holding down the wires

4. Continue following the red wire

5. The wire will wrap around and pass through the wooden board connecting to the black probe circled in red
6. Disconnect the black probe circled in orange from the black probe circled in red from the previous image (as shown in the image to the right)

*If needed, you can remove the white clip circled in purple holding down the wires

7. Follow the orange wire through to the plastic opening (circled in orange)

8. Run the probe through the plastic opening

9. From the inside of the sauna looking at the ceiling you will see this plate

10. If needed you can remove the 4 screws circled in purple

11. You will see the temperature probe come through the plate

Installation is now complete

If you require further assistance please contact Customer Service at 1-877-347-7727.