This is an instructional guide showing how to operate the Program setting on your sauna's Digital Control Panel.

1. Plug in your sauna and turn on the power by pressing the ON/OFF button located on the Digital Control Panel.

2. Set the desired temperature on the TEMP screen by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons below.

3. Set the desired duration on the TIME screen by pressing the UP or DOWN buttons below (between 0 and 90 mins).
4. Press the SET button to begin programming the preheat timer (amount of time the sauna will wait before starting to heat up). The PROGRAM light will turn on and the TEMP and TIME screens will begin flashing.
5. Set the preheat timer for the desired amount of hours/minutes (TEMP screen = hours, TIME screen = minutes)
6. After 5 seconds, the displayed amount of time will be set (screens will stop flashing) and the countdown will begin.
7. Once the timer has run out, the HEATING light will turn on and your sauna will begin heating up to the desired temperature.