Need some help using the audio system on your Alberta SE or Kingston SE hot tubs after the hot tub has been installed?

Step 1: Open the small audio cabinet door by sliding it upwards. Inside you will feel a power switch in the upper right hand corner. Power on the Audio unit.

When powered on there should be a light that turns on inside the audio cabinet.


Step 2: Inside the audio cabinet you will notice a wired connection (AUX cord) to connect your MP3 player, as well as the password to connect to the Bluetooth module for the spa. 

Step 3: Open your phone's Bluetooth menu, the hot tub should appear as "SPA", you should then be prompted for the password.

Upon entering the password successfully, the hot tub should make a sound to confirm it has paired with your MP3 device.

The volume will be controlled by the device connected. 

If you run into any issues, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-347-7727, or by logging a support ticket using your e-mail address.