In some cases, a sauna's heater panel may not be working properly. In the event you need a replacement carbon heating panel, 

one can be shipped to you for replacement. 


The process to replace the heater panel is fairly straight forward and only requires a screwdriver or cordless drill. 

(We recommend the screw-driver, it will reduce the risk of stripping screws or damaging the wood). 

First, you are looking to locate the faux wood stickers, as they will cover the screws that hold the carbon heater and its frame to the larger panel.
Once you remove the four screws, you will gently move the panel forward about an inch, as the cord for the heater will still be securing the carbon heater to the panel.

To remove the carbon heater and its frame you will need to widen the hole the cord passes through in order to be able to free the carbon heater's power cord from the larger wooden panel.


Once you have successfully removed the heater and its wooden frame from the larger panel, you will be able to turn the frame around.
There will be at least one section of the wooden border with screws holding it in place. Remove those screws, and subsequently the wooden "gate" they held in place. This will allow you to slide the carbon heater out of place.

*All of our sauna carbon heaters and their wooden frames will follow this rule, although the "gate" may be in a different location on that wooden frame. 

On larger saunas, there will be 2 carbon heaters behind the legs, and their "gates" will either be along the top or bottom of the wooden frame. 
Once the non-functional carbon heater has been removed, the replacement will slide easily into place. You will then be able to thread the cord and its connector through the widened cut-out in the wooden panel.
Connect the new carbon heater's cord to the system.

Then simply retrace your steps to screw the wooden frame and carbon heater back to their larger wooden panel, and replace the faux wood stickers to cover your screws.