This is an instructional guide showing how to replace the Waterfall Control Valve if the threads or o-ring have degraded causing the valve to leak or detach from the spa.

For Waterfall Control Valve replacements, the whole assembly will be sent. Before beginning, please turn off the power to the spa to prevent water from spraying while replacing the valve.

Step 1 – Removing Valve Cap
Separate the valve cap from the assembly by simply pulling it off.

Step 2 – Opening the Waterfall Control Valve assembly to reveal individual parts
Unscrew and remove the main valve insert (threaded white portion) by twisting counterclockwise. 

If you have trouble getting a grip on it, either use work gloves or very gently use a wrench.

Step 3 – Connecting the main valve insert
Once the main valve insert (threaded white portion) has been removed from the replacement assembly housing, check the fitting on the spa for the red o-ring (see below). 

If this seal is missing, the valve will continue to leak. If necessary, remove this from the replacement assembly and insert into the ridge in the fitting on your spa.

After the o-ring has been secured, you can then insert the main valve into the fitting on your spa by lining up the grooves (see examples below).

NOTE: If the valve is extended revealing the threads on the stem, it will not insert into the fitting correctly. 

Twist the base all the way up the stem until it stops. The valve should NOT resemble the photo below:

The main valve can now be threaded into the fitting on your spa. Once tightened (by hand), reapply the black and grey valve cap by ensuring that the top inner square lines up with the square on the underside of the cap.

NOTE: The remaining assembly housing (3 port fitting) can be kept for spare parts.

Still need help? Please see our quick and easy video tutorial by clicking here!

In the meantime, do you use your aromatherapy basket?
The cap that covers the aromatherapy basket will fit the threaded fitting for the waterfall control. You can apply this cap to temporarily prevent water flow.
The aromatherapy basket could then be blocked and the air control valves turned ON to reduce the suction.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.