Control Panel found inside all of our sauna models (1-4 person)

How do I turn on the lights inside the sauna?

To turn on the lights inside the sauna, you will first have to ensure that the power to the sauna is on. Press the ON/OFF button and you will see the red indicator lights turn on.

If the power is on but the lights are not, you will have to activate the Interior Light Control by pressing the light bulb symbol with the "C" below it. 

Interior Light Control button

The receiver will now be active and you will be able to control the lights using the remote control provided.

Remote control capability includes powering the lights on and off, changing the colours, changing the speed of the transitions, etc.

Sauna Remote

What LED functions am I able to control?

Mode +/-: Cycles through the different light sequences available (transitioning from colour to colour, flashing, etc)

Speed +/-: Changes the speed of the mode that the lights have been set to.

Colour +/-: Cycles through the different colours available (pink, purple, blue, green, etc).

Bright +/-: Brightens or dims the light.

Demo: Cycles through green, red and blue (3 main colours).

How do I turn off lights inside the sauna?

If you still wish to use the sauna but would like to turn the lights off, you can simply press the power button on the remote or press the Interior Light Control button to deactivate the receiver.*

Otherwise, you can power off the sauna entirely by holding the ON/OFF button.**

*Once the Interior Light Control has been deactivated, you will no longer be able to control the lights with the remote.

**There may be a delay of approx 20 seconds before the internal lights turn off.

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