Balboa TP600 Topside - Setting Heating Modes

Ready Mode


If you would like to ensure that the spa is always heating to the set temperature, you can set the spa to Ready mode.*

In Ready mode, the spa will perform "Polling". This is when the jets run on low speed to circulate the spa and test the temperature of the water.

The spa operates like a thermostat so once it senses that the actual temperature is lower than the set temperature, it will begin heating.


Rest Mode


When in Rest mode, the spa will not heat unless the filtration cycles are in operation.

If the spa is displaying "RUN PUMP FOR TEMP", it is likely in Rest mode and the spa has not circulated for over 1 hour.

If you wish to keep the spa in Rest mode but would like to know the temperature of the spa water, simply press the Jets button.

Ready-in-Rest Mode


This indicates that the spa is set to Rest mode but the jets have been activated.

When you press the Jets button while in Rest mode, the spa is assuming that you would like to use it and will start heating.

The spa will run on low speed (though high speed can be turned on and off) until the spa reaches the set temperature or an hour has passed.

After 1 hour, the spa will return to Rest mode.

Setting the Mode


  1. Press either the Temperature Up or Down button.
  2. While the temperature is flashing, press the Lights button.
  3. Keep pressing Lights until you get to the MODE setting (you should see FLIP first then FLTR, followed by MODE)**
  4. Press the Temperature Up or Down button to toggle between "SET READY" or "SET REST" which will be in smaller font at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Press the Lights button to set.***



*Ready mode is recommended during the winter season to maintain constant warm temperatures and prevent freezing. To save energy but also maintain heat, set the spa to the lowest temperature possible in Ready mode.

**If you see any other settings come up, please let us know.

***If you do not press the Lights button to select an option, the display will revert to its original settings after 30 seconds.

For additional assistance in understanding how to set the modes, please see our video tutorial by clicking here.