This is an instructional guide showing how to troubleshoot a leaking drain assembly and prevent further issues.

1. It is possible for the Drain Control Valve retainer flange to become loose during normal use. 

The repetitive action of pushing in the Drain Control Valve and turning counter-clockwise with more force than required can loosen the retainer and eventually lead to a leak. 

An indication of the retainer becoming loose is you will notice the Drain Control Valve "wiggling" from side to side and becoming difficult to open and lock or unlock. 

The retainer flange is quite simple to re-tighten using a screwdriver or similar instrument (even a pen) that is thin enough to fit beside the Drain Control Valve and into the drain housing. 

Push against one of the 4 raised tabs to spin the retainer flange to the right until it is tight and the Drain Control Valve no longer "wiggles".

2. If the entire Drain Assembly comes loose from the cabinet panel, it means that the large nut on the other side of the cabinet panel is loose. 

Remove the neighbouring cabinet panel in order to reach the nut and hand tighten it.
3. If a leak is present in the area around the Drain Assembly but it is not leaking from the Drain Control Valve, then it may indicate a loose inner Pipe Connector Fitting.

Remove the neighbouring cabinet panel in order to reach the Pipe Connector Fitting and hand tighten it.
If you ever need to remove the cabinet panel that the Drain Assembly is mounted to or you wish to bypass the drain completely (due to a leaking Drain Control Valve or simply because you will not use the drain), most spas are equipped with a Drain Servicing Shut-off Valve.

You will first need to open the panel beside the Drain Panel in order to access the Drain Servicing Shut-off Valve (if equipped, in some cases there will be a pump).

To close the shut-off valve, turn the handle so it is perpendicular to the piping. If you need to remove the Drain panel or service the drain, you can then undo the Pipe Connector Fitting to proceed.
NOTE: If your spa is not equipped with a Drain Servicing Shut-off Valve, you will need to empty the spa in order to service the Drain Assembly. 

For additional assistance in understanding how the drain is assembled, please see our video tutorial by clicking here.