Losing spa water but no indication of where it's coming from?

Check the water level and where it's stopped completely. 

Take pictures or even better a video of where this hole is so that you can then proceed,  with either a repair patch or a replacement liner could be required.  

Unzip the spa until you have just a few inches of zip left. This allows you to check around the whole inner of the spa, looking into the outside of the top pooling liner. You may notice water movement at night more when using light, as the water trail will shine and become more evident. 

  • By pressing the jets button, water will bubble and possibly show the leak position from the liner or a rough indication, with watermarks on the base.   

  • By pressing the heat button this allows for water movement through the ports and pipes, you may notice water leaking from this area, as it might be a simple fix. 

Repair patch

Helpful tip: Mark the water level every few days with tape and over time it will to a complete standstill.  The level it is sat at,  just along or above that line might be the troublesome hole location causing the leak. 

The liner unzipped all the way around

Turn off the PCU Power and try the following; 

  1. Separate the unit from the spa. 

  1. Remove connector pipes from the PCU & liner. 

  1. Check the connections on the PCU side including black or red o rings for damage. 

  1. See for any damage to the connector pipes. 

  1. On the female white connections that screw to the liner, remove and check the black or red o ring on the outside of the ports for damage and the internal clear o ring. See if there are any cracks on the ports where these screw on. 

The non-return valve may have dirt caught in the spring, press it in and clean around it. The pressure of water will show a quicker leak from the valve.

The spa not being on a flat and level surface can cause unwanted pressure to the valve, it's important to check this.
Foam panel cut into triangular shape. Eases pressure on pipes.

Turn the connector union not the whole connector pipe

Once this is done please try refitting and when screwing on the pipes again, use a little bit of washing-up liquid on the inside of the pipes, they will then almost slide on very easily.

When fastening on the liner side, make sure the pipes are pushed into the female threaded as much as possible, connector first then secure the pipe union.  

Moving onto the PCU side do the same again with fairy liquid and fasten the union, not turning the pipe as a whole, this can loosen the connection on the liner side.

Hopefully, this article has resolved your issue or you have found your spa leak.

Swift Current V2 Liner 

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Article published by Ali Green