Control unit V2

Struggling to fasten your lid assembly or it's causing leaks?

  1. Firstly place the lard red o-ring (KK-10827) into the groove it sits in, making sure it has no damage on it by wiping it with a cloth and checking for nicks or discoloration before placing back in.
  2. Check the small black o-ring (KK-11014) under the star-shaped valve, wiping it with a cloth and checking it for nicks or discoloration before placing back in.
  3. Place part 2 that goes on top of the filter first, secure down with the outer thinner piece 3 to secure, and turn clockwise. Do not turn anything else as this may damage the thread and cause possible leaks and error messages when in use.
large red o ring KK-10827
Small black o ring KK-11014
Whole filter lid assembly KK-10829