This is an Instructional Guide on a Impeller Replacement in a Portable Control Unit

Attach the Port Caps to the Intake/Outlet Ports on the inside of your tub. Disconnect the Portable Control Unit (PCU) from the tub.

Disconnect the Connector Hoses from the PCU.

Take off the Filter Housing Lid and remove the filter.

You will then need to twist off the connector hose ports that are connected to the PCU. The heater port and filter port twist off easily.

There is a screw in the blower port that needs to be removed before you can twist the blower port off. You want all the ports to be completely disconnected from the shell of the PCU. 

Remove the 6 screws that hold the shell to the black base of the PCU. They are screwed in from the underside of the shell, so you will need to flip the unit over. The screws are along the edges of the unit, as depicted below:

At this point, the shell should start to come off easily, but there is still one cord that is connecting the motherboard for the pump to the topside display. You will need to disconnect it. It should be simple, just press down on the tab and it pull apart.

This is what the unit will look like inside. It will have either a black or white motherboard housing:

Circled in red is the filter housing. In order to access the pump, you need to undo the 3 screws holding it in place. The third is not shown below but you will be able to see it once you remove the shell. 

Once the screws are removed, you should now be able to pull up on the filter housing in order to gain access to the pump below. It is a white pump with two rubber red O-rings around the cap. Check and ensure that the O-rings are still a solid red colour and there are no discolouration or tears that could cause potential leaks. 

Once you have the filter housing removed, you need to twist off the white filter lid. This can either be done by hand (not always possible), with a flat head screwdriver (as seen below) , or a cloth and the use of a pliers or a channel lock. Be careful to not damage the o-rings on the pump lid. Sometimes using a flat head can cause the plastic to break if enough force is applied. It should not cause any issues with the pump operation or leaks so long as it does not pierce the filter lid.

Once you remove the filter lid, you should be able to see the impeller inside. Inspect for any obvious debris and clear it out. Also, make sure to inspect the impeller shaft to ensure it isn’t damaged or worn down with use. Replace the impeller (shaft or whole impeller) and place the filter lid back on top. Secure the lid tightly to the pump, ensuring to lock it into place as far as it will go. You’ve now successfully installed a new impeller inside your PCU pump.

Once impeller is installed, simply reverse the steps in order to close the unit back up