If your Spa seems to be running the low speed of the pump for extended periods of time (more than 2 hours or continuously) and you have confirmed the Filtration Cycles are currently set to run for 2:00 hours only, there might be an issue with the Balboa BP501 Control System. Usually you will also notice the Jets' indicator light remains off even when the Pump is running the low speed (indicator light should always be ON when the Pump is running) and if you press the Jets' button, a humming noise can be heard and the Pump will completely shut off.

To confirm if there is a fault with the Balboa BP501 Control System in your Spa, please proceed to complete the quick test below.

Relay Test

1. Turn the power to your Spa OFF. For 120V (Plug & Play) Spas, unplug the GFCI from the power outlet and for 240V Spas, flip the external GFCI OFF.

2. Wait for 10 seconds and restore the power to the Tub. Under normal operation of your Hot Tub, when a power reset is done your hot tub should not be running the low speed of the pump immediately after the power has been restored.  Contrary, the pump should be only running in low speed approximately 5 minutes after the power has been restarted OR if you press the Jets button to manually activate the pump while you are getting the initial start up message: "run pumps purge air". In both cases, the Jets' indicator light should remain ON.

3. Once the power has been restored and without pressing any buttons, observe the spa's start up procedure and provide us with answers to the following questions:

  • Among the initial display messages, does the spa indicate 120V or 240V?
  • Is there immediate water circulation in the spa (is the spa circulating on low speed without pressing any buttons)? 
  • If there is actually water circulation within seconds after start up, is the "Jets" indicator light ON or OFF?

4. If there is water circulation immediately after you have restored the power to your Spa (without pressing any buttons) and the Jets' Indicator Light remains OFF, a Relay Fault in the Control System has been confirmed. To have the issue resolved, a new Balboa BP501 Control System would need to be installed.

5  In order to better assist you in confirming the fault, you can provide us with a video of the above test showing the display as well as the inside of the tub.

To watch a video illustrating a Relay Fault, click HERE.

For instructions on how to replace a Balboa BP501 Control System, click HERE.