If you are having issues with your audio sound system, there are a few checks you can perform to rule out user error:

1. Ensure your device's headphone jack is operational using other devices such as headphones or another speaker (phone, MP3 player, tablet, etc,.)

2. Ensure your device is not in a case or protector. Phone cases can prevent the audio cable from making a full connection, in some cases you will get spotty sound or none whatsoever. 

3. Ensure the volume control on your device is at mid-high level, from there you can use the spa's volume controls to raise or lower the overall volume to your preference. 

4. Ensure the audio amplifier is powered on. When you turn on your sound system, the power button itself should illuminate to show it is active (the same is true for older audio power buttons as well). 

*There is a slight delay between the time you press the power button and its reaction.

IF you are still experiencing issues with the Audio Amplifier System, please contact our Customer care team via service@canadianspacompany.com and confirm you name and contact information.