This is an instructional guide which will help determine the parts required if water is leaking from your portable spa, See pictures of spas below;

Grand Rapids

Rio Grande & Swift Current



The leak could be due to a hole or faulty part in the tub, an improper/faulty connection between the tub and the Portable Control Unit (PCU), or a fault in the PCU.


  1. Fill the spa to the minimum water level line or at least above the top Discharge Port inside the tub.
  2. Connect the 3 threaded caps to the inlets and outlet within the spa.*
  3. Disconnect the PCU from the 3 connector hoses (leave the connector hoses attached to the spa).
  4. Move the PCU away from the tub to clearly separate them. 
  5. Mark the current water level within the spa to measure the potential water loss (a piece of tape on the liner works great).
  6. Place a bowl or container underneath the Blower Connector Hose (bottom left connector hose on the tub). 
  7. Let the spa sit unused for 24 hours or until the water stops leaking.**

*Ensure that the rubber gaskets are properly seated in the threaded caps before applying to the ports.

**The location of the water level when it stops leaking will indicate the location of the leak.

Once the time has elapsed, check the water level. If the level has dropped then the problem is with the tub. 

If the water level hasn't dropped then the issue is with the PCU/connection to the PCU. 

If water has collected in the bowl beneath the Jets connection, this is a case of a faulty liner check valve.

Please inspect the valve for any debris that may be caught.

Anything trapped in the valve would prevent it from creating a seal and allow water to flow through the blower connection into the PCU.

Check Valve 



To ensure that we can provide you with the correct assistance, we require that you send through the following pieces of information:

  • Original purchaser information (full name, shipping address, telephone number, where product was purchased from)
  • Copy of proof of purchase (showing date)
  • Purchased product (name)
  • Pictures and/or description of the issue
  • Picture of manufacturer's plate (ACRYLIC SPAS ONLY): Located on the outside of the cabinet panel on a steel plate (see attached example)
  • Pictures of serial numbers (PORTABLE SPAS ONLY): Located on both the Portable Control Unit AND the liner (see attached examples for specific numbers on V1 or V2 models)

NOTE: Please provide the codes that are similar to the ones below from your own spa.


Once we have received this information we will be able to proceed with processing your request. 

Please note that if any repairs or modifications are made to the product without the consent of a Canadian Spa Company representative the manufacturer's warranty may be considered void.