"Hurricane" style jet

The jet can be removed by turning the facing to the left (counter-clockwise) until it stops turning.
Once you have reached this point, continue to twist counter-clockwise (please note that it is completely normal to feel some resistance) until the jet pops up.

You can then pull the jet out while the facing is raised. If you keep turning counter-clockwise and do not pull the jet out, it will click back into place.

To replace the jet, simply push inward and clockwise until it clicks into place.

The power to the spa does not need to be turned off and the spa does not have to be drained. 

Using rubber gloves will make it easier to get a grip on the facing if there is water present.

If you require replacement jets or simply wish to try different jets, these are available for purchase through our Canadian website.*

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service.

*for Canadian customers only, US customers can contact us directly to place an order.